Friday, August 1, 2014

Tea for Two

Tea, Olivia?
Why, certainly, Jadon.
Jadon? This tea party is rather boring.
Let's wrestle!!
...and then Jadon tries to run away from his sister

The End. 

Slippery Fish, Slippery Fish, Swimming in the Water

My kids take to water like fish
So, for Jadon's Birthday present, Nano and Maji got him swimming lessons
He LOVED his first lesson of the summer, and looks forward to "diving under the water like a shark" every week
And then we signed up the baby fish for her first swim lessons.
The moment she got in, she started giggling and splashing.
I was so proud of her for going under water!... Plus, she totally rocked her tutu swimsuit...and she didn't float away in it like Justin said she would.
I think it pays off to have Justin do their baths several nights a week because he just dumps water over their heads. So when it came to both Jadon and Olivia's first swim lessons, they were totally comfortable going under. (I, however, cannot even watch Justin bathe the kids, and I hyperventilate in the background =))
In the end, I'm so thankful my kids have a Daddy who lovingly motivates and challenges them
We ended the day at home, and "practiced" in our swimming pool play pen with Moriah 
...and it was a place where I could do what I do best...hug, kiss, and snuggle them...and sing songs like "slippery fish" totally out of tune and with all the wrong words =)
...they seem to like it just fine.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Olivia: 9 Months

Our little Nugget, you are now 9 months old! This has always been one of my favorite months for development, knowing how much Moriah and Jadon's personalities blossomed by this month. The same can for sure be said about you!
But first, can we talk about how cute you and Sissy are in your matching onesies, and curly mop tops? Since Moriah's growth is delayed due to Charge Syndrome, I think you will be the same size within the next year. By then, everyone is going to think you girls are twins. 
Right now, your goal in life is to try to escape and/or take down the baby gates. 
Every. single. morning. 
I'm impressed with your determination.
Which I think plays into why you are so naughty. 
By now, you know not to touch YaYa's tubes. But you look at us when we say "no" and respond with a look that says "oh, you mean these tubes?" 
You are lucky you're so cute =)
If we go out to eat (which is usually never), you and Moriah get stuck at the end together, both of you  getting extremely messy, especially when Daddy feeds you
You like to do everything that Jadon does. Here, you played with whatever you could get your hands on while he was busy making "bird poop" play dough (I may or may not have an influence on my kids' imaginary play =).
You have been sick this past month with a yucky cold. This has turned into 10 days of sleepless nights, a double ear infection, two Doctor's visits, antibiotics...and a partridge in a pear tree. 
You and Jadon had your well checks too. Your 9 month was great.
Your height is almost 28 inches (I think 48th percentile) and your weight is 17 lbs 7 oz (30-something percentile).
Still no baby teeth, but I think they will be here by next month! Your gums are so swollen.
You just started finger foods. You have always been a terrible eater (you only drink 4 oz bottles) and since your cold, you are refusing all baby food. I hope you improve in this department.

Gross motor wise, you are cruising! We have started baby-proofing again as you can see by my uglified coffee table. Oh, the things we do for our children ;-) 
But, we couldn't take the risk. You are all over the place. 
Except when you are busy throwing one of your tantrums because I wouldn't let you touch my coffee mug...I can't believe you are throwing these tantrums. Jadon didn't start doing this until 16 months old, and you full on plop yourself face down on the floor and cry when you don't get what you want. D-r-a-m-a.
In addition to cruising along the coffee table and couch, you are starting to let go and stand for a few seconds by yourself. 
You know how to wave "hi," you love to do itsy-bitsy spider and dance to any song, and you don't mind car rides any more. You hate having to be still for your diaper changes now, and I end up having to put your diaper on while you're busy crawling away. 
You're another Jadon.
We're scared ;-)
You light up our days with your smily self
We love you Olivia, and couldn't imagine our lives without you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 4th 2014 with Cousins by the Dozens

We spent July 4th weekend with my cousins by the dozens!
Moriah was so happy to be with her cousins once again
And so were Jadon and Olivia
Justin bbq'd our 4th of July meal
me and Uncle Shindu
There's no better way to spend July 4th than bbqing, eating popsicles
...And hanging out in the kiddie pool
I just about died over Olivia's swimsuit...I wish they had it in my size! ;-)
There was a little bole bole (said buh-leh) dancing with Jadon and Uncle Shidu...minus the flashing lights, vibrant outfits (clearly), and bhangra music one might find in a Bollywood film

By nighttime, we were ready to watch the nearby fireworks from our garage...until our awesome neighbors decided to put on a show right in front of our house, and we had to take Moriah in because of all the smoke. I just about turned into a firework on them since they never asked or informed us they were doing this. Lucky for them (just kidding), Moriah didn't care to miss them since she was tired. 
And then the cousins by the dozens decided it was better to watch from the rooftop
They had the best seat in the house
Happy Birfday America, as Jado would say!
Come back soon, family...we love you!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jadon's 3rd Birthday Party

We had a small ice cream party to celebrate our Jado turning 3!
Our best family picture...I've given up trying =)
But, at least we captured the girls' outfits, a gift from Teta Vera, and they were so stinkin' cute  (Costco sometimes has the best finds)
Jadon picked out all his Birthday decorations...there were some monster truck plates, a dinosaur piñata, and airplane party favors. What can I say? The kid has good taste. 
And since it was such a warm day, ice cream definitely hit the spot!
Right, Laila? 

Moriah sure didn't seem to mind her afternoon snack
Papa came up for the party, and even bought Jadon the bouncy house as his present, which everyone loved
And thankfully, Auntie Nina and Summer were my party helpers

...and my Olivia helpers =)

We were so thankful that several of Jadon's buddies joined us to celebrate his big 3...
Andrew, Tim,  and Henry
Hop, Henry, Huong, and Hillary
Shanny, Savy, and Eric
Pastor Chris, Calvin, Cassie, and baby in tummy =)
and Laila and Laura
And then there was the indestructible piñata. Eventually Justin had to whack it about ten times to open it, after all the kids had gotten a turn
I learned that for this age group, I didn't have to fill the piñata with a thousand things like I did as most of our little 2 or 3 year olds were happy with just a couple candies/toys. The majority of the goodies were still left on the ground =)
As if ice cream wasn't enough sugar for my child, he ended the day with a huge cupcake. 
I wish I could be 3 again!

On Jadon's actual Birthday just two days later, he wanted to go to Happy Hallow and have his face painted like a tiger
Then Nano and Summer were here to celebrate at home with us...while Moriah slept through the cake. She was still recovering from the ice cream party ;-)

You are so loved, Jado Tomato Head. 
Happy 3!


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